22 September 2016

Doolin’ is France’s premiere Celtic band and their self-titled debut for Compass Records is one of the freshest and most exciting Celtic records of the year.

“So much more than I expected…”
Jack Baker, Irish American News
“A truly extraordinary band …”
Brian O’Donovan, WGBH
“Doolin’ provides a refreshing toe tapping can’t stop listening romp that kept me smiling through every track. I can’t wait to share this gem with my listening audience.”
Rabbit Zielke, Host of Celtic Harvest at WUTC
“Doolin’ is a mighty band. Equally adept at Irish, French and American music, they deliver it all with wit and wizardry. Vive le craic!”
Bill Verdier, WXNA Nashville
“Doolin’ is a multifaceted and richly varied musical experience…”
Bill Margeson, Senior Music Editor, Chicago Irish American News, Irish American Magazine
“Doolin’ takes Celtic and bluegrass to another level of excellence!”
WildManSteve, Radio Auburn, AL
“Our country’s at such an insular point in its history that the brilliant music coming out of Europe is going mostly unheard here. More’s the pity, and kudos to Compass Records for bringing some of that over to the States with Doolin’.”
Devon Leger, KITH FOLK

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1. Tatter Jack Walsh / Boys Of The Town / Maid At the Well (jigs)
  1. 1. Tatter Jack Walsh / Boys Of The Town / Maid At the Well (jigs)
  2. 2. A Night At The Galway (song)
  3. 3. Charming Pride (song)
  4. 4. Green Mountain / Reconciliation Reel / Love At The Endings / Tom Ward’s Downfall (reels)
  5. 5. Times Square Moods / The Broadway Polka (polkas)
  6. 6. When We Will Be Married (song)
  7. 7. Congress Reel / O’Rourke’s (reels)
  8. 8. Bodhrán Solo
  9. 9. Rocky Road To Dublin (song)
  10. 10. Gisèle’s Mazurka (mazurka)
  11. 11. Exile / Reel Of Mullinavat (slip jig & reel)
  12. 12. As I Roved Out (song)
  13. 13. Eilleen Curran / Pressed For Time / High Reel (reels)
  14. 14. Country Love (song)
  15. 15. Dinkey’s / Boys Of Malin (reels)