11 September 2015

Doolin’ celebrating the 170 years of the Great Famine

The great Famine in Ireland 1845

One – Hundred and Seventy (170) years ago a terrible potato disease was breaking out in Ireland. This Agricultural blight created one of the major human catastrophe’s in history. The great famine, “An Drochshaol” in gaelic , killed more than one million people and created a huge immigration wave to the United States of America.

One – Hundred and Seventy (170) years later Ireland was able to recover from this catastrophe, but the issue of food security caused by a drop in agricultural production is still exists.

To remember and fight today, Doolin’ and the Grameen Credit Agricole Foundation are joining forces to support agricultural development projects in Africa.

A special Album will be released by the end of 2015 – beginning of 2016. Doolin’ will invite several artists from different countries to support this cause by joining the group for this album.

A great tour in Europe and in the US follwing the roads of the “famine ships” will be organised.

A crowd funding scheme will also be launched to support this project.

At the end of the project, the benefits will be given to the foundation to fund an agricultural development project in Africa.

We are looking for sponsors, any help is welcome. Here is the presentation of the project:
Great Famine Project

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1. Tatter Jack Walsh / Boys Of The Town / Maid At the Well (jigs)
  1. 1. Tatter Jack Walsh / Boys Of The Town / Maid At the Well (jigs)
  2. 2. A Night At The Galway (song)
  3. 3. Charming Pride (song)
  4. 4. Green Mountain / Reconciliation Reel / Love At The Endings / Tom Ward’s Downfall (reels)
  5. 5. Times Square Moods / The Broadway Polka (polkas)
  6. 6. When We Will Be Married (song)
  7. 7. Congress Reel / O’Rourke’s (reels)
  8. 8. Bodhrán Solo
  9. 9. Rocky Road To Dublin (song)
  10. 10. Gisèle’s Mazurka (mazurka)
  11. 11. Exile / Reel Of Mullinavat (slip jig & reel)
  12. 12. As I Roved Out (song)
  13. 13. Eilleen Curran / Pressed For Time / High Reel (reels)
  14. 14. Country Love (song)
  15. 15. Dinkey’s / Boys Of Malin (reels)